Mini Collagen Cloud Bread Pizzas - K Nutri

Mini Collagen Cloud Bread Pizzas

Satisfy your pizza cravings with these colorful, protein-packed low-carb pizzas. Top the light and fluffy cloud bread bases with mozzarella, roasted cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil or mix-and-match your favorite pizza toppings.  The pizzas are delicious served both hot or cold and are ideal for lunch boxes, snacks, or to serve when entertaining a crowd.
on September 16, 2019
Vanilla Collagen Iced Coffee - K Nutri

Vanilla Collagen Iced Coffee

Save yourselves a trip to Starbucks and get your caffeine fix with this cooling homemade vanilla-flavored iced coffee. To make it even creamier, you may add a little (1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon) xanthan gum or turn it into an iced mocha by adding 2 tablespoons cacao or unsweetened cocoa powder.  
on August 01, 2019
Raspberry + Yogurt Collagen Popsicles - K Nutri

Raspberry + Yogurt Collagen Popsicles

Make these indulgent creamy popsicles for a cooling summer treat that everyone will enjoy. You may substitute the raspberries with any other berries and the dairy-free version with coconut yogurt is just as delicious.
on July 17, 2019
Collagen Cheese Balls with Flax Seed Crackers - K Nutri

Collagen Cheese Balls with Flax Seed Crackers

Serve these appetizing cheese balls with crudités and our flaxseed crackers at your next gathering for a fuss-free entertaining.  The garnishes are optional, but they add vibrance and lots of flavor. The cheese balls a are also ideal as a savory snack to curb your appetite between meals or to add to a lunch box.
on July 03, 2019
No Bake Coconut, Lime & Cardamom Pie - K Nutri

No Bake Coconut, Lime & Cardamom Pie

Add a twist on the classic Key Lime Pie with this decadent coconut-flavored dessert. It can be made ahead and frozen so that there is always something ready for unexpected guests. Everyone will enjoy the creamy, zingy filling and the wonderfully crunchy base along with the all the benefits K Nutri Collagen Peptides provide.  
on June 20, 2019
Low-Carb Collagen Donuts - K Nutri

Low-Carb Collagen Donuts

These irresistible donuts will tempt kids and adults alike and will be gobbled up as soon as they come out from the oven. If you manage to save any, try one (or both) of the suggested glazes and sprinkle with some roasted cocoa nibs. To enjoy the donuts right away, simply sprinkle them with sweetener while still warm. You may vary the flavors by adding some cinnamon or nutmeg to the dough.
on June 07, 2019