I started becoming active early on in high school, which is about the time I started struggling with my body weight. Body image issues are a common thing for most women, and I am not any different. Fluctuations in weight have been common for me over the past 10 years, with trying most diets you can think of – I even tried Keto a couple years ago on my own and although I lost some weight I did not reap the benefits of it and it did not last very long.

Fast forward to the fall of 2017 when I got on this program and saw the importance of tracking my macros while on the Ketogenic diet. I went from 170 pounds to a low of 157 in a short few months – but besides the scale I saw an improvement in my cognitive ability, my energy levels and overall health. I was eating real food and saw how much of an addiction I truly had to sugar. A lot of people have misconceptions about Keto and one of them is that you won’t have enough energy to perform at the gym. I work out (Crossfit) six days a week for about two hours a day, and in the last year have seen more progress in my fitness on Keto then I ever have before, inclusive of my time as a competitive varsity rugby player. 

Nutrition programs and weight loss journeys are never a cookie cutter journey – don’t be afraid to try something new, because it might be what you were looking for. The biggest thing Ketovation, and Aryan Fazeli has taught me is no matter what you day, stay focused and be consistent!