Much like most of my close friends, I have always struggled with my weight and body image.
I am now 28 years old and feel like I have spent most of my life starving myself in an attempt to be happy with my body. Dieting has always been an agony for me – I would eat minimally and lose a little bit of weight only to binge eat and end up right back where I started. It’s safe to say my relationship with food has never been very good.
I knew this yo-yo effect I was putting my body through wasn’t healthy and it wasn’t until I found Keto that everything changed.
I have been on Keto for four months now, lost 30lbs and 11 inches around my hips and waist. Although my physical changes are very exciting for me, what truly brings me joy is that in those four months I never felt like I was on a ‘diet’. On Keto I don’t feel like I’m starving myself anymore, I eat delicious food and always feel full – while also losing weight. I’m the happiest I’ve ever been with my body and it’s all thank to Ketovation. Thank you for the knowledge and weekly support that has gotten me to where I am, not only physically but mentally as well.