Ever since I was in my early teens I was already dieting and trying to figure out how to lose weight. It always ended in failed attempts because I was’t able to sustain the lifestyle or didn’t see results fast enough. As I started to play higher level sports and train more I dove further into nutrition and its benefits on performance.

When I started with Ketovation in 2017 I was provided with my custom daily macronutrients that really helped me be precise and keep the weight off, knowledge on how to maintain a healthy keto diet and support from the Ketovation community. But the most important difference that I saw was is how I felt. I wasn’t bloated and gassy anymore, I was able to get through meetings at work without the brain fog, I had energy to maximize my training sessions without losing my muscle mass, and I wasn’t having anymore sugar crashes mid day. Everybody is different and may have different nutritional needs but so far i found that incorporating the Keto diet has had the best and most lasting results for me. I can count of Aryan and the Ketovation team to provide great information and motivation to stay consistent and feel great.