After two serious knee injuries that led to a decrease in physical activity, I put on a lot of excess weight I did not know how to shake off. The Keto diet added a new dimension to the conventional diets that I had tried previously with little success. I saw great results with cutting out carbohydrates and replacing them with fats in my diet as I felt sharper, more focused and felt lighter. I enjoyed the feeling of satiety I got from foods high in fat and protein. It allowed me to work, study and workout without feeling hungry but also kept me energized. Perhaps my favorite aspect of Keto is the fact that I did not have to starve myself, nor deprive myself of my favorite fatty foods. The flexibility and variety of foods available on the Keto diet allowed me to sustain my diet with few ‘cheat days’. I was on the diet for a total of 6 months and I lost over 45 lbs. Despite the caloric intake reduction, I felt always felt energized to hit the gym for added cardio exercise and resistance training.