I have had terrible nutrition in the past. You could usually find me eating McDonalds or an entire bags of chips… or not eating at all. I used to have terrible digestive issues and would have unbearable pains in my stomach after eating, feeling extremely fatigued, suffering from insomnia and having terrible mood swings. Aryan introduced me to Keto and it truly changed my life. I have never felt better. I have constant energy, I feel great after eating, and I can finally sleep through the night. I was never really a person who did well with a routine, whether it be with eating or going to the gym consistently. After starting the program and joining the private online Ketovation community it really helped keep me accountable. I started to see myself in a different light and became a lot more confident as I saw myself leaning out, but more importantly I saw myself becoming more focused with all the aspects in my life. Ketovation didn’t become just a nutrition plan for me to follow but it really became a lifestyle. I couldn’t be happier with my results on and off the scale. I have nothing but good things to say about the Ketovation program and I’ve officially become a person that preaches to everyone around me about how great the Ketogenic Diet is. If a person who was living off of fast food and a treat-yourself-everyday diet can do Keto and succeed, then anyone can.