The ketogenic lifestyle has changed my life in such a positive way, I have been dealing with digestive issues for many years and deciding to start this journey two months ago has almost eliminated all of my pain and discomfort I was enduring on a daily basis.
The program that is provided is incredibly easy to follow and can be understood quickly. They provide us with a grocery lists and meal ideas at the beginning of the journey. The support of my coach was exactly what I needed to complete this journey successfully, the knowledge and ideas he provided me throughout the two months helped with my success in this program. The weekly check-ins were what kept me motivated throughout the process, seeing the pictures side by side really proved that there were a lot of changes happening quickly. The recommended macros that were provided by my coach each week were easy to obtain and the habit of counting became a part of my everyday duties which I enjoyed being in charge of.
This new lifestyle has not only drastically changed my physical appearance, but it has shown me how important it is to be knowledgeable about the foods we are putting in our body. The physical changes were almost immediate. It is crazy what your body can do when it is being taken care of.
For years, I struggled with my weight and the feeling of unhappiness, I would work out all the time but never see changes until I found Ketovation! They provided me with many tips and tools for success and I will continue this lifestyle because of the amazing changes in such a short period of time. Anyone can do it!