Joining Ketovation was the push I needed to jumpstart my life into a healthier state. Aryan and the rest of the teams guidance and support never failed to amaze me. Being part of the Facebook group, and having other people to talk to definitely made things a little bit easier. Having been someone who has never panicked about a number on the scale, Keto was a perfect fit for me because the energy levels and focus it gave me was more than I could have ever asked for. The pounds shed were an added bonus to feeling great. I have always been a lover of food, and despite being on Keto, never once felt I was missing out, or unable to have the foods I loved, simply with minor adjustments. It really can be tailored to each persons likes and dislikes, and the versatility is what made me fall in love with it. I owe a huge thank you to the Ketovation team as well as its members!