When I started the program I was 305 lbs and 31 percent body fat.  Aryan designed a complete workout and eating regimen that was easy to stick to, and helped me receive lasting results. He introduced me to the ketogenic diet, which allowed me to enjoy some of my favorite foods while seeing steady progress on the scale. He kept me focused and motivated to want to be my best. When you start to see the results on the scale and in the mirror, it keeps you motivated to reach your next goal. He explained the science behind Keto, and how depleting your body of carbohydrates turns it into a fat burning machine. The keto diet, along with the workouts he put me through, made it possible to surpass my fitness goals and continue to strive to achieve new ones. I would 100 percent recommend this diet to anyone looking to lose weight. Whether you are new to fitness like I was, or you are looking to lean out, having the coaching through Ketovation will get you there!
Thanks Aryan!